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e-Palika is innovation platform that brings together proactive Citizens, Innovative Companies, Knowledge Institutions and Public Authorities together to shape the city of the future. e-Palika is equipped with open data that aims in providing Local Governments, Representatives and Citizens with integrated planning and management platform, so that they can set objectives, assign resources and act on plans to achieve set goals.

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e-Palika is open-data platform that provides valuable information for Citizens, Governmental officials and Representatives to act on, so that integrated planning, policy, regulation and management can be delivered in quick and efficient manner.

  • Cross Platform
    Integrated mobile and web-based solution.
  • Open Data
    Household, business, institutional information and reporting.
  • Citizen Participation
    Active involvement of citizen for their day to day activities.
  • e-Governance Services
    Online access of municipal services and information.
  • Project Tracking
    Create, update and track projects based on your wards/ locality.
  • Workflow Management
    Manage unique process of departmental workflow.
  • Data Intelligence
    Track, analyze and interpret data to give real-time result.
  • More...
    News, notices, municipal connect, emergency contacts etc.

Why Us?

e-Palika consists a cloud-based platform and mobile application, that integrates all the municipal services and activities in one place, making them available to citizens and municipal officers, so that they achieve what they desire in short period with less hassle.

  • Modular Based System
  • Scalable
  • Quick Integration and Implementation

By sharing knowledge and by collaborating e-Palika aims in providing innovative solutions for municipal issues of a social, economic and ecological nature

  • Citizens
    Facilities access to service information in real time, allows the interaction with municipal administration and the procedure management.
  • Municipal
    Municipal have the possibilities to show their data to the citizen and to manage all request received. The solution enables to effectively communicate with all stakeholders involved.
  • Workflow Management and Tracking
    Provide instant updates for a task, keep the municipal officials in the loop, share status of the task, track the completion time and much more.
  • Tailored System
    For its unique processes in place, municipal can easily tailor the solution using the our inbuild work scheduling tool. e-Palika can be fully customizable to your municipal’s requirements.
  • Expand the Usage
    e-Palika utilizes ready-made app templates with design, schema and source code available as a starting point, allowing municipal to utilize the solution in multiple scenarios and department.
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Yes! I want a demo.

e-Palika demos are fully customized to focus on what's important to you and your organization. We usually start with a brief discussion of your current situation and needs, then show you a live, online demo of the features you're most interested in seeing.